Since 2012, Education In Sight Has Screened Over 76,000 Students And Delivered 11,239 Pairs Of Free Eyeglasses.  Help Us Bring This Solution To Every Student Across The World. 


Uncorrected poor vision among students is the most overlooked problem in the field of education.

At Education In Sight, we connect resources directly inside schools to deliver the exams, eyeglasses, and engagement students need to see clearly and succeed.


The Problem 问题

Find out about the problem of poor vision for students in low-resource communities. 查看在贫困地区视力低下学生遇到的困难

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Why Glasses 为什么用眼睛

Learn why glasses are such an important tool for improving a students life trajectory. 查看眼睛为什么是提高学生生活轨迹的重要工具

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Our Model 我们的体系

Learn about how we approach the problem of poor vision in different contexts. 查看我们如何在不同语境中解决视力低下带来的问题

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